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Release of MetaLive, a virtual tourism platform,
and XR BORA in 2022
by usingand
managing proprietary technologies and experts

  • 2020 ~ 2024

    • 2024
      • Installation/Operation of XR BORA B2C Model
        - Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky, Aquarium
        - Busan X the Sky Observatory (Confirmation of installation)
      • XR BORA Installation
        - Wooseok University, National Youth Ecology Center, etc
      • Acquisition of Hybrid Beacon Source Technology
      • Certification of pilot purchase products by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
      • Odusan Unification Observatory Live Video National Unification Hall Streaming Service (Busan, Mokpo)
    • 2023
      • Certification of designation of excellent R&D innovative products by the Ministry of Science and ICT
      • The Public Procurement Service selects innovative procurement products for venture start-ups in VENTURE NARA
      • XR BORA Installation
        - EBC, Lotte World Tower, Apsan Observatory, Daegu City, DMZ Observatory (Gimpo/Yeoncheon/Baekryeong Island), Geumbit Noeul Bridge,Busan City
      • Odusan Unification Observatory Live Video National Unification Hall Streaming Service (Incheon, Changwon, Gongju, Jeju)
      • Metaverse Daegu travel concert [Beyond, the Stage] service completed
      • Completed the metaverse platform development support project (RAPA)
      • MetaLive Platform Official Launch
      • Building an Exhibition Gallery in the Metaverse
    • 2022
      • Awarded investment fund from Daehong Communications, a Lotte Group company
      • Awarded investment find from Korea SMEs and Startups companyAgency
      • Established Ulsan/Jeju branch office
      • Started XR BORA telescope service at HI-One resort
      • Launched MetaLive September Open-Beta service
    • 2021
      • Certified as INNOBIZ company in Innovative Technology
      • Started XR BORA telescope service at Paju-City
      • Started MetaLive platform development
    • 2020
      • Established Daejeon branch office
      • Developed XR BORA Telescope
  • 2015 ~ 2019

    • 2019
      • Opened up Corporate Research Lab
      • Selected as Best Small Giant Company title
      • Certified as T-4 Level with technology evaluation
    • 2018
      • Operation of realistic content training program sponsored by NIPA
    • 2017
      • Appointed as Seoul Small Giant Corporation
      • Appointed as Hi-Seoul Brand Corporation
      • Invited venture fund
    • 2016
      • Development service for KT
      • Invited VC fund
      • Certified as Venture Corporation
    • 2015
      • Establishment of corporation

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