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In the era of the pandemic,
everything in reality is gradually being virtualized,
but the scenery, sounds,
and communication with other travelers were difficult to fully enjoy the sense of realism.,
Through the XR telescope <BORA>
and the metaverse platform
we want to optimize and reflect the vivid look of the destination in the virtual world
and provide more enjoyable travel
and new experiences than in reality.


A trip you want to pack up and hit the road whenever you want,
but the reality is not that easy.
Go on a trip as an avatar that resembles you in virtual world
that is just like reality without the limitations of time and space.
MetaLive is a futuristic tourism platform
that shares travel, daily life, and enjoys culture.


  • Connect
    Connecting the BORA Telescope
    to Virtual Space
  • Share
    Shared community-based travel information sharing
  • Culture
    NFT exhibition
    and performance complex cultural content

Metaverse tourism platform that
shares travel, daily life, and enjoys culture

without time and space constraints.


I want to share travel information with each other
and travel online by metaverse.

Not on Instagram or YouTube,
but on Metaverse
I want to work as a

  • Traveling from MetaLive
    to Avatar
    Explore customized popular destinations
    and set up travel routes freely through avatars decorated
    to just like you.
  • Share your feed
    and share travel information.
    Create a travel route
    to the destination you've wanted to visit,
    and find new friends on the road
    by sharing travel photos or daily life
    on your feed.
  • Enjoy a more realistic virtual tour
    by combining the vivid scenery
    of the actual tourist destination connected
    to the XR telescope BORA
    with the virtual space
    with 360 images.


Beyond Real World,
Create New Experience & Trip

현실을 뛰어넘어 새로운 경험과 여행을 창조하는
메타라이브의 창조와 도전의 의미를 담은 슬로건 입니다.
메타라이브는 커뮤니티를 기반으로, 현실과 연결된 라이브 복합 문화 콘텐츠를 통해
글로벌 문화를 향유하는 새로운 방식을 제시하고 미래를 향한 변화를 창조합니다.

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